Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Top 10 Sustainability Principles

The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is focused on fostering a sustainable future for tourism in our country. Our aim is to help build strong foundations and support individual tourism businesses on this journey to create meaningful visitor
experience that values our environment, local communities, culture and the economy.

We are excited to launch the first of our four projects, which is the Top 10 Sustainable Principles.

We’ve collaborated with leading local and global experts to create Ten Sustainability Principles specifically for local SME tourism businesses, with the aim of helping you set short-term and long-term targets and solutions for your business.

We are passionate about super charging this area and believe these simple principles will help your business and our environment.

We hope these Ten Principles encourage you to make sustainable practices a deep and authentic thread in your plans for the future of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Climate Action Principle
Climate Action Principle 3MB Download

Coming Soon:

  • Sustainability Training Modules
  • Sustainability Champions Program
  • Women in Tourism Scholarship