Niche Tourism Marketing Tool Kits

Sri Lanka’s diverse tourism offerings hold immense potential for small businesses to cater to the demands of both international and domestic travelers. To establish a thriving tourism sector, it is vital to empower small business owners to innovate, refine their products, and deliver sustainable guest experiences aligned with traveler expectations.

In collaboration with the USAID Indo Pacific Opportunity Project, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has identified 12 niche tourism categories uniquely suited to Sri Lanka. To support small tourism businesses in reaching new heights, 12 remarkable and user-friendly toolkits have been developed to specifically suit each niche tourism category. These toolkits serve as invaluable resources, equipping businesses to enhance their marketing strategies and elevate their offerings.

Category-Specific Toolkits: Explore the 12 niche tourism categories and find tailored resources for each category, designed to address the unique needs of businesses operating in diverse segments of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

General Brand Toolkit: In addition to the category-specific toolkits, there is also a comprehensive General Brand Toolkit. This resource provides expert tips on crafting a compelling tourism brand, specifically designed to resonate with today’s conscious travelers.

What You’ll Find in Our Toolkits:

Free and Accessible to All: The toolkits are freely accessible to all businesses, ensuring that every small tourism enterprise can benefit from these empowering resources. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, our goal is to contribute to the growth and success of the entire tourism ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

Embark on a journey of innovation and growth that will elevate your business, captivate travelers, and contribute to the flourishing tourism landscape of Sri Lanka.

Adventure Tourism Toolkit
Adventure Tourism Toolkit 17MB Download
Agrotourism Toolkit
Agrotourism Toolkit 25MB Download
Art, Culture & Heritage Toolkit
Art, Culture & Heritage Toolkit 13MB Download
Brand Basics Toolkit
Brand Basics Toolkit 17MB Download
Digital Nomads Toolkit
Digital Nomads Toolkit 22MB Download
Festivals Tourism Toolkit
Festivals Tourism Toolkit 27MB Download
Food & Drink Tourism Toolkit
Food & Drink Tourism Toolkit 25MB Download
Hosted or Curated Travel Toolkit
Hosted or Curated Travel Toolkit 24MB Download
MICE Tourism Toolkit
MICE Tourism Toolkit 13MB Download
Nature & Wildlife Tourism Toolkit
Nature & Wildlife Tourism Toolkit 27MB Download
Volunteer Tourism Toolkit
Volunteer Tourism Toolkit 13MB Download
Weddings Tourism Toolkit
Weddings Tourism Toolkit 29MB Download
Wellness Tourism Toolkit
Wellness Tourism Toolkit 24MB Download