Love Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance launched the Love Sri Lanka website in 2019 to provide travellers, as well as those in the country, with credible, accurate and timely safety information in the wake of the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka. In a time of uncertainty, confusion and pain, Love Sri Lanka emerged as a beacon of hope for tourism, sending out a strong message to the world – Sri Lanka is open, Sri Lanka is safe, and there is so much to love about Sri Lanka.

Since that initial interaction, Love Sri Lanka has transformed into more than a website. Today, Love Sri Lanka is a top priority for the Alliance. It is a platform that offers a potential global travel audience the opportunity to discover Sri Lanka through its unique and wonderful attractions, experiences and people. It is also a platform that lets the industry engage with a captive travel audience.

Staying true to its initial premise, the Love Sri Lanka website and social media platforms continue to provide timely, relevant and credible information and on-ground updates for potential travellers, as well as those visiting the island.

Love Sri Lanka is the eighth action of the Alliance’s Resilience Action Plan, under the Signature Experiences Project.


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