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Discover the vibrant beauty of Sri Lanka through our comprehensive travel agent training platform. As an initiative by the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance, this portal equips travel agents with the knowledge and tools necessary to promote Sri Lanka as an irresistible travel destination.

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Course Highlights

Our Sri Lanka Travel Expert Portal offers a comprehensive curriculum with over 28 modules covering various aspects such as culinary experiences, local attractions, expert guidance, and more. As we continue to evolve, we’ll introduce specialized courses that delve deeper into individual areas of expertise, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of providing in-depth knowledge and insights into Sri Lanka’s diverse offerings.

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1. Bucket List Attractions in Sri Lanka: Uncover the secrets of Sri Lanka’s most iconic sites across 11 modules, including the Galle Fort, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and Yala National Park.

2. Key Experiences in Sri Lanka: Dive into 10 modules exploring unique experiences from pristine beaches and wildlife safaris to the rich tapestry of local cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

3. Sri Lanka 101: A foundational course with 7 modules providing essential information for travelers, covering everything from navigating the island and accommodation options to food culture and traveler safety.

Each course is designed to equip travel professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical tips, enhancing their expertise in promoting Sri Lanka as a premier travel destination.

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The Sri Lanka Travel Expert Portal has been developed with generous funding from the European Union and the United States Agency for International Development. Their support enables us to empower travel agents, fostering a deeper understanding of Sri Lanka’s unparalleled offerings.

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