Resilience Action Plan

The Alliance’s Resilience Action Plan was developed in August 2019 with the overall goal of uniting the tourism private sector in Sri Lanka towards a more successful and sustainable way forward. Industry leaders and stakeholders across the country came together and detailed 6 projects and 17 actions that were identified as priority actions for the private sector. The short and concise document provides a blueprint for how the Alliance will build back the industry, stronger than before.

The 6 Key Projects & 17 Actions of the Resilience Action Plan

Project One – Love Sri Lanka One Voice

The Alliance is focused on increasing timely, relevant and consistent messaging to the industry to aid greater collaboration and performance.

Action 1 – Industry communication platforms, including newsletters, meetings and industry website

Action 2 – Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Crisis Response Plan

Project Two – Love Sri Lanka Research

A key priority for the Alliance is the provision of better insights, data and analytics for industry-wide planning, decision-making and performance tracking.

Action 3 – Industry benchmark online survey

Action 4 – Aggregated industry performance data via an anonymous monthly online survey

Action 5 – Online tourism research library

Action 6 – Wellness tourism research

Action 7 – Love Sri Lanka 2030 tourism white paper


Project Three – Love Sri Lanka Signature Experiences

To support the effective marketing of Sri Lanka globally, the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance will focus on two key pillars – content creation and partnerships.

Action 8 –  Love Sri Lanka experiences content creation for visitors

Action 9 – Love Sri Lanka marketing and influencer partnerships


Project Four – Love Sri Lanka Learning

The Alliance is dedicated to supporting all tourism businesses to build the knowledge and experience required to deliver quality visitor experiences throughout Sri Lanka and succeed in the current tourism environment.

Action 10 – Online learning portal

Action 11 – Industry events training calendar

Action 12 – Tourism jobs online portal

Action 13 – International travel agent training online tools


Project Five – Love Sri Lanka Sustainability

The Alliance will support operators to lift industry sustainability practices and will provide event platforms to foster new product development and business opportunities.

Action 14 – Ten sustainable tourism industry priorities

Action 15 – Love Sri Lanka transformational industry events


Project Six – Love Sri Lanka Collaboration

To achieve the greatest impact for Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, close engagement with all stakeholders continues to be critical.

Action 16 – Stakeholder collaboration including government and existing tourism associations

Action 17 – International diplomacy to build confidence in our key tourism markets