What We Do

The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance aims to foster one united industry voice, and advance information, education and collaboration across the entire tourism sector. As the Alliance strives to be inclusive and collaborate with all stakeholders within the tourism industry, membership is free for anyone working or connected to tourism in Sri Lanka.

All projects initiated by the Alliance meet the following criteria:


What Does Success Look Like for the Alliance?

All projects and actions of the Alliance are measured along these verticals:

Macro Tourism Measures

Overall Sri Lanka Tourism Industry performance increases to better than before the Easter Sunday attack. e.g. average visitor spend and visitor numbers from key markets (as measured by the Alliance’s industry tracking survey).

Alliance Specific Measures


Deliver on our promise – Alliance led projects are delivered on time and on budget.


75% Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance member and stakeholder satisfaction overall.


75% member satisfaction with the delivery of the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Resilience Action Plan.


75% member satisfaction across the following:

  • The Alliance has provided consistent messaging and a unified voice for industry
  • Communication from the Alliance is regular, multi-lingual and valued
  • New Alliance website portal is used as a resource for industry
  • Research insights provided have helped members make better informed decisions
  • Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka experiences content creation
  • Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka marketing partnerships

75% of members are aware of the Alliance’s ten sustainable industry tourism priorities.


75% of members are embracing at least two of the sustainable industry tourism priorities within their business in the first 12 months.

Sri Lanka Travel Expert Training Portal
Sri Lanka Travel Expert Training Portal Explore
Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Top 10 Sustainability Principles
Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Top 10 Sustainability Principles Explore
Sustainability Champions Program
Sustainability Champions Program Explore
Women in Tourism Scholarship Program
Women in Tourism Scholarship Program Explore
Responsible Tourism
Responsible Tourism Explore
Resilience Action Plan
Resilience Action Plan Explore
Love Sri Lanka
Love Sri Lanka Explore
COVID-19 Response Plan
COVID-19 Response Plan Explore
Crisis Response Plan
Crisis Response Plan Explore