Women in Tourism Project – Terms of Reference


Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is a private sector industry association that was formed post the Easter attacks with a vision to build a resilient and strong private sector that embraces sustainable tourism best practices and is committed to driving tourism benefits to a wide cross-section of stakeholders, especially women.


The impact of COVID-19 on global tourism has been devastating, with the livelihoods of those working directly and indirectly in the sector at risk. This ongoing health pandemic creates significant challenges for businesses to survive, reopen and adapt to changing global visitor needs. This project aims to help minimize the detrimental effects on women, their economic life, and their wellbeing by fostering and encouraging greater participation, collaboration, and skills development for women in the tourism industry, especially in a COVID context.


  1. Women already employed in the tourism industry
  2. Women who are considering a future career in the tourism industry (including currently unemployed women, students, and women from other sectors who might be interested in pursuing a career in tourism).
  3. Employers


Our Women in Tourism Program has 3 main initiatives:

  1. Women in Tourism Mentoring Program
  2. Women in Tourism Advocacy Program
  3. Women in Tourism Awards Program

This TOR focuses on the Women in Tourism Mentoring Program, the Women in Tourism Advocacy Program and the Women in Tourism Awards pre and post promotion.

1. Women in Tourism Mentoring Program

The focus of the Mentoring Program is to establish a community of female collaborators utilising a mix of online and in person events. These sessions will be targeting both established women in tourism as well as those females that are interested, studying or early into their tourism career. The aim of the sessions will be to facilitate a dialogue around topics that are timely and relevant, sharing insights and tips with the wider community that will benefit their career in tourism with a special emphasis on how COVID has impacted the industry and the participation of women.

This TOR covers all online events AND advertising and promotional activities of the in person events. Tourism Alliance or our chosen nominee will handle the coordination of the in person events.

2. Women in Tourism Advocacy Program

The Women in Tourism Advocacy program will be focused on celebrating established female leaders in tourism as well as emerging leaders in tourism through a series of video vignettes and photo stories that will be pushed out through Tourism Alliance channels and media. The aim of this program is to highlight these female trailblazers and their contribution to tourism with the aim of inspiring others to join the sector and pursue a career in tourism when the industry inevitably bounces back post COVID.

3. Women in Tourism Awards
The Women in Tourism Awards is the culmination of all of the above events. This TOR will specifically focus on the following;



We are hoping to receive proposals from partners that have the ability to handle this project in its entirety or portions of this project. (A Single partner that can handle the entire process end to end is preferred).

Women in Tourism Mentoring Program

Online Sessions

In Person Sessions

Community Creation

Membership Drive

Women in Tourism Advocacy Program

Women in Tourism Awards

The Alliance will be handling the Women in Tourism Awards program and will be responsible for the development of the awards program theme, event format, awards categories, finalising locations and handling the actual event production on the day. (We will be outsourcing parts of the actual event i.e. actual event production which is not included in this TOR)

Awareness Campaign


The vendor will need to appoint a dedicated contact person that the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance can liaise with on these programs




The chosen vendor will be required to submit monthly performance evaluation reports to Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance.


This project will be spread out over a 12 month timeframe, with projects running parallelly during this time.


Interested parties must submit the following details by 27th August 2021

  1. Proposed approach document highlighting how all 3 activities will be implemented (Max 3 pages)
  2. Budget breakdown by project (including Ad Spend / production Costs /Management fees / etc.) including Reach and Frequency by project (Max 1 page)
  3. Past Experience (1 Page) and relevant experience of the team members who will be handling this project.

Please send in your proposals to [email protected] by 27th August 2021. The subject of the email should read: Women in Tourism Project Proposal – {Insert Company Name}

If you would like more information about the project please write to us at [email protected]