Tourism Career Inspo Videos

23rd February, 2022 News and Updates

Explore some of the great opportunities available in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry

Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance in collaboration with USAID YouLead and International Executive Service Corps (IESC) have developed a series of videos depicting the “day in the life” of tourism professionals in 10 key roles in tourism. The videos were created to encourage new entrants into the industry and to encourage others already in the industry, to step into new non-traditional roles and to progress one’s career upwards to find more challenging and rewarding opportunities.

The Tourism Career Inspo videos are hosted under the Tourism Alliance’s ‘Skills Centre’ section of the website, where visitors can find many useful resources to enter into the industry or to make a career change across to a new area in tourism.

The 10 videos highlight the day in the life of a professional in:

  1. Kitchen Department
  2. Housekeeping Department
  3. Food & Beverage Department (F&B)
  4. Wellness & Ayurveda
  5. Experience Host
  6. Naturalist
  7. Wildlife Ranger
  8. Tour Guide
  9. Tour Manager
  10. Adventure Guide

The presidential National Policy Framework highlights the importance of developing the country’s human capital by building a knowledge-centric economy and the Tourism Alliance agrees that to create a sustainable and resilient tourism industry, we must strengthen our human capital. Our Skills Centre is a key initiative developed to support the growth and progress of the tourism industry through education, knowledge sharing and upskilling and has a number of purpose-built resources including courses, inspirational career stories as well as these latest series of videos highlighting unconventional career choices as well as success stories in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. The content in the Skills Centre is trilingual to support inclusivity so that the material is accessible to everyone.

The Tourism Alliance ‘Skills Centre’ provides key resources and information about career paths and opportunities within the tourism industry, with the intention of empowering and educating current and potential industry workers, as well as young entrepreneurs. It is a gateway to quality learning programs offered by both Sri Lankan and international institutes. We believe that the resources provided within the Skills Centre will help you discover the varied opportunities available in the tourism industry and encourage you to increase knowledge, upskill and take your career to the next level.

We encourage you to take advantage of the information provided in our Skills Centre and to view the Tourism Career Inspo videos to find out more about taking your career in tourism to the next level and we encourage anyone considering a career in tourism to jump in, because it is one of the most exciting, rewarding and dynamic industries you can work in.

Click here to visit the Career Path videos | Click here to visit the Skills Centre