Tourism Alliance to Award One Scholarship to a Tourism SME for the Transformational Travel Council Designer Program

Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance recently announced that it will be awarding one scholarship to one deserving SME in partnership with the Global Transformational Travel Council for their ‘Transformational Travel Designer’ Program valued at USD 1750.

The Transformational Travel Council Designer Program is a 4-month online course specially designed to help travel designers curate unique transformative travel itineraries and experiences for their guests while making a positive impact on destinations and communities. The course which will be deployed through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, reading exercises, and live forums will be conducted by global industry experts.

This opportunity is available to members of the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance who falls under the definition of an SME as defined by the Sri Lanka National Policy Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises and would be especially of use to inbound tour operators, travel agents, accommodation providers and other tourism businesses in Sri Lanka.

Apart from this fantastic opportunity the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance has ramped up its efforts and launched several successful initiatives to support the entire tourism industry during these unprecedented times, including the launch of its hugely successful resilience webinar series and the upcoming launch of the Tourism Alliances domestic platform Love Sri Lanka Locals among others.

Information on how to apply for the scholarship is available on the Tourism Alliances website