Stringent Guidelines Required When Sri Lanka Reopens for Travellers on 1 August 2020 to Ensure the Safety of Sri Lankan Citizens

18th June, 2020 News and Updates

With Sri Lanka set to reopen on 1 August 2020 to travellers Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson, Sri Lanka Tourism in the first media briefing post-COVID-19 states that as part of the stringent and extensive guideline issued for the tourism industry all tourists will be required to do PCR testing 72 hours prior to departure from their country and undertake a fresh test upon arrival in sRi Lanka. They will also undergo second and third PCR test within 5-7 days and 10-12 days of arrival respectively depending on the length of stay. Tourists wishing to travel to Sri Lanka will need to apply for an online visa and provide details such as duration of stay, tour itinerary, accommodation booking, and in country transport method as foreign tourists will not be allowed to use public transport. While opening the country to tourism is a priority the guidelines are a necessary measure to ensure the safety of all Sri Lankans.