Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Shares Key Insights to Look Beyond Discounting on Domestic Tourism

13th October, 2020 News and Updates

Session 6 of the Alliance’s Resilience Webinar series ‘How to Attract and Gain Repeat Local Visitors Right Now’, featuring a panel of industry experts, shared insights, and tips on attracting and retaining the interest of the domestic travel audience.

The panel of experts included Jetwing Hotels Director Operations Jerome Auvity, Classic Destinations Manager Rajiv Welikala, and Antyra Solutions Chairman and CEO Niranka T. Perera as well as Ceylon Haven Co-Founder Dilshan Rabbie. Although discounting has helped the industry to a certain extent, the panel of experts stated that, in the long run, it would be important to make use of this time to understand the domestic market and focus on personalizing holidays to cater to the needs of the domestic traveller as the industry would be dependent on domestic travels for a longer period than expected.

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