Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Announces Scholarship for Tourism SME Sector

The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is proud to announce a partnership with the Global Transformational Travel Council where it will provide one scholarship to one Tourism SME for their Transformational Travel Council Designer Program valued at $1,750 USD.

The Transformational Travel Council Designer Program is a 4 month online course commencing August 15th 2020. It is especially designed to help travel designers curate unique transformative travel itineraries and experiences for their guests while making a positive impact on destinations and communities. The course will be deployed through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, reading exercises and live forums conducted by global industry experts. A commitment of a minimum of 5-7 hours per week is needed to get the bare minimum from the course. The course is 4 months long from August 15th to December 15th, 2020.

Any Alliance member within the SME sector is eligible to apply, namely inbound tour operators, travel agents, accommodation providers and other tourism businesses in Sri Lanka.

Who is a Small and Medium Enterprise?
According to the Sri Lanka National Policy Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), an enterprise in the service sector which employs less than 200 employees with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 750 Mn is categorised as a SME. The Tourism Alliance adopts this framework to identify and define a SME.

What is Transformation Travel ?
Transformational travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world. It is any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives and focuses on creating visitor experiences that connect visitors deeply with culture, adventure, nature and sustainability.

Who is the Transformation Travel Council?
Originally established in the USA, the TTC is now a team of professionals from around the world who are focused on making this industry trend a global standard.

What Is the Transformational Travel Designer Program ?
The Transformational Travel Designer Program is a four month co-created educational course and action tank that provides travel designers with helpful tools, tangible program examples, industry insight, and Transformational Travel knowledge, to offer unique itineraries and experiences to their guests while also learning how to support and make a positive impact on destinations and communities.

Who Is It For?

Topics covered within the course include:

What Do I Get Upon Completion of The Course?

1. Status as a Verified TTC Transformational Travel Designer

Having completed the course work, the final project, and assessment process you are distinguished as an expert in creating Transformational Travel opportunities. You will receive a logo for your website and the backing of the TTC Leadership group and Ally Community.

2. A Transformational Experience Creation

The ‘final exam’ of the course is the creation of an itinerary, experience, or creation that encompasses all the skills, knowledge, and tools gained from the course. In addition to serving as your assessment tool, this creation will be ready for you to sell in the real world and will be listed on the TTC Marketplace on the TTC Website for potential clients to find.

3. One Year Free of TTC Ally Membership

Each Designer participant receives a year free membership in our Ally Community (a $398 USD value for small companies). Once the course is complete use this 12 months to implement what you learned, get plugged into the community, and scale your impact. You can renew your membership after the year is over.

4. Deeper Connections to The TTC Community

Networking and collaboration opportunities within the Designer Program are plentiful. With a group from all over the world and from all travel backgrounds, the chance to learn and work with other like-minded travel professionals is a huge outcome.

5. Concrete Tools and Resources

You will walk away with practical tools you can use to improve your offering and strengthen your business practices.

How to apply for the SME Scholarship?
Apply for the scholarship by July 31st 2020 here: When applying ensure that you enter ‘Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance SME Scholarship’ in the application form in the ‘Were you referred by a TTC Ally’ checkbox.

Do not send your applications to the Tourism Alliance. Decision of the TTC is final.

If I am not a successful scholarship winner and still want to pursue the course, how can I do so ?
Any Tourism Alliance member wishing to register for this course may do so at a discounted rate of USD 1500. Ensure to mention ‘Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance’ to receive a $250 USD discount off the USD 1750 price. 6 month payment plans are also available for those wishing to pay in installments.

For more information please contact Nishanthi Somaratne via email [email protected]