Opportunities for Sri Lanka Tourism Post Covid-19

15th May, 2020 News and Updates

ACCA Member Adrian Perera shared insights on impact of COVID 19 on the Tourism Sector. Here’s a few key takeouts on the effects of the pandemic on the Tourism Industry. The tourism industry will take 6 to 9 Months to recover from the COVID 19 crisis and experience growth. The industry needs to develop strategies to adapt and respond to this crisis quickly and efficiently.

Motivated staff is key to delivering value for money in boosting demand which is crucial for revival. In the medium term generating domestic demand will be vital in order to survive the crisis.

Health and safety will be a key priority going forward and stringent health and safety standards will need to be developed and executed across the industry.
Sharp and focussed tourism campaigns aimed at delivering sustainable results over a long period will be vital in taking Sri Lanka Tourism to the next level.

Source: EconomyNext