Online Courses for Digital Marketing from Google

8th March, 2021 News and Updates

Google has a range of free online learning courses designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs better equip themselves for the modern marketplace. Choose from individual models or entire end-to-end courses on topics such as the fundamentals of digital marketing, promoting a business online with advertising or understanding customers’ online behaviour.

Listed below are some of the recommended courses for tourism SMEs.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Master the basics of digital marketing with an Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited course.

Course Details – 26 Modules, 40 Hours, Beginner Level

Get a Business Online

Find out how to build a digital presence, use e-commerce, get noticed by customers and stay safe from hackers.

Course Details – 7 Modules, 3 Hours, Beginner Level

Promote a Business with Online Advertising

Learn how to create successful advertising and marketing strategies to promote your business online.

Course Details – 5 Modules, 3 Hours, beginner Level

Promote a Business with Content

Learn how to use tools like social media, video and content marketing to help your business get noticed by customers online.

Course Details – 4 Modules, 3 Hours, Beginner Level

Understand Customers Needs and Online Behaviours

Learn basic web analytic skills and measure how your online marketing is working, while better understanding the needs and behaviours of your customers.

Course Details – 3 Modules, 1 Hour, Beginner Level


Source: Google Digital Garage