Heritance Hotels and Resorts Announces Strategic Partnership with Galle Literary Festival

17th January, 2024 Member Updates,News and Updates

In alignment with its commitment to preserving Sri Lanka’s cultural identity, Heritance Hotels and Resorts, the flagship brand of Aitken Spence Hotels, proudly announces its collaboration with the Galle Literary Festival (GLF) 2024. This partnership takes the form of a captivating discussion led by esteemed architects Channa Daswatte, Sunela Jayewardene, and Johann Peiris. As a crucial component of the festival’s extensive lineup, this session focuses on the preservation and re-narration of Sri Lankan cultural histories, establishing a meaningful dialogue that resonates with the rich heritage of the island.

This collaborative initiative seamlessly connects with the ethos of Heritance Hotels and Resorts, where the essence lies in the harmonious blend of heritage and inheritance. By intricately weaving these cultural facets into its architecture, design, and experiences, Heritance Hotels and Resorts contributes to preserving Sri Lanka’s identity and its origins. The collaboration with the Galle Literary Festival serves as a tangible expression of Heritance’s commitment to promoting and celebrating the diverse cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka.

As a custodian of Geoffrey Bawa’s legacy, Heritance Hotels and Resorts champions and actively contributes to the dialogue on cultural and architectural preservation. The concept of Tropical Modernism in architecture often reflects a connection to cultural histories in tropical regions. Deshamanya Geoffrey Bawa often drew inspiration from local traditions, materials, and climate to create designs that were both modern and rooted in the cultural context and are represented in some of his iconic works such as Heritance Kandalama, Heritance Ahungalla and Heritance Ayurveda. This fusion aims to address practical needs while preserving the identity of the place within the tropical environment.

Sharing her views on this strategic partnership, Stasshani Jayawardena, Jt. Deputy Chairperson and Jt. Managing Director of Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings stated, “In the backdrop of the Galle Literary Festival, this collaboration takes on profound significance. It underscores Heritance Hotels and Resorts’ commitment to preserving and aligning with the enduring narrative of our past. Moving beyond the confines of hotels, this signifies a dedicated effort to intricately weave our past into an inspired future; it is a shared endeavour to preserve and thoughtfully re-narrate the intricate cultural histories of Sri Lanka”.

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