Discussions Underway to Assess the Possibility of Allowing Small Tour Groups From Selected Countries to Visit Sri Lanka

27th October, 2020 News and Updates

Prasanna Ranatunge, tourism minister of Sri Lanka stated that discussions were underway to assess the possibility of allowing small groups of travellers from selected countries to visit Sri Lanka. A decision to move forward will be made when health authorities provide clearance.

He further stated that visitors from countries such as Europe, Far East Asia and Russia will be allowed to visit Sri Lanka within a travel bubble to support the tourism industry. The idea was a part of the post-Covid-19 plan and have not yet received cabinet approval to allow any foreign nationals to enter the country due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority data recorded “0” arrival of foreign travellers for the last 06 months. This has forced the increasing foreign traveller number to have a drastic drop of 63.1% compared to the 1.4 million that was recorded last year for the same period.

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