Discussion Held with Key Stakeholders on Building a More Resilient Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka

1st July, 2020 News and Updates

In a ground-breaking move key stakeholders engaged in a discussion on the way forward to building a more resilient tourism sector in Sri Lanka. The meeting was co-convened by Tourism and Aviation Ministry, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) engaging key decision makers from key ministries, other UN agencies ILO, UNWTO, IOM and ITC, development partners, World Bank, ADB, EU, USAID, Australia among others. The discussion was focussed on the current state of play for Sri Lanka tourism and and priority directions and financing to develop Sri Lanka tourism sustainably under the theme “Putting People First: Building a more Resilient Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka” with the aim of formulating and the implementation of a draft Roadmap to springboard Sri Lankan tourism from recovery to resilience leading to long terms social, economic and environmental benefits.

Source: Daily FT