DIMO to Embark on a New Journey in Agro Tourism

15th October, 2020 News and Updates

DIMO Agribusiness embarks on a new initiative in agro-tourism, introducing its 3rd Agri Techno Park in Dambulla. The aim is to carry out research and development, seed production, farmer education, and training activities and acting as model farms in each respective region.
This initiative took place in order to cater to the needs of travellers interested in agriculture-based holiday experiences. Visitors will have the opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge and experience about the agricultural way of life while enjoying their stay in a luxury cabana or a holiday bungalow located inside the Agri Techno Parks. The center focuses on promoting and enhancing the network of innovation in agriculture practices, education, technology, and research and will include a Knowledge Sharing Centre for farmers, students, and related parties.

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