Couch Safari Wildlife Live Streams Gain Global Popularity Amongst Travellers

11th November, 2020 News and Updates

The latest initiative by Sri Lanka Tourism to promote Sri Lanka has gathered global momentum amongst international travellers. Safari drives were broadcasted live from four National Parks of Sri Lanka to let viewers experience a sneak peek of the amazing variety of wildlife Sri Lanka has to offer.

The Live stream gave the opportunity to travellers around the world to enjoy Sri Lanka’s tropical wildlife from the comfort of their home and to keep travellers interested in visiting Sri Lanka post-Covid-19. The program was completely run unscripted and unpredictable as wildlife experts narrate the events as they happen. Kimarli Fernando, Sri Lanka Tourism Chairperson, stated that they had received a great response from viewers and that there is a demand for Sri Lanka’s wildlife whilst emphasizing the fact that it is important to continue promoting Sri Lanka’s wildlife to the world.

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