“Ceylon Tea” Promoted as an Immunity Booster to Australia to Fight Covid-19.

3rd November, 2020 News and Updates

“Virtual Ceylon Evening”, was organised by the Consulate General of Melbourne, in association with the Sri Lanka Tea Board on the 21st of October 2020. This initiative was taken to promote “Ceylon Tea” in Australia as an immunity booster during this Covid-19 pandemic.

This webinar was attended by multiple Australian officials such as the members of the Australian Federal Parliament, Parliament of the State of Victoria, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sri Lanka-Australia Chamber of Commerce, Aus-Lanka Business Council, Australia-Sri Lanka Council Inc, Consular Corps of Victoria, and hoteliers in Melbourne. Sri Lanka was the second largest tea exporter to Australia in 2018 with a total of 2391 metric tons of tea which is 12% of Sri Lanka’s exports to Australia in that year and in 2019, Sri Lanka exported tea worth over US$ 25 million to Australia.

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