All You Need to Know if You’re Travelling to Sri Lanka from Europe!

6th October, 2021 News and Updates

Sri Lanka is a dream destination for European travellers. Surrounded by golden beaches, boasting tropical weather all year round, full of spectacular scenery and wildlife at every turn and serving up some of the best curries in the world, it is with good reason that Sri Lanka has remained at the top of ‘must visit’ travel lists year after year. With the vaccination drive in full swing and the recent removal of ‘On Arrival PCR’ and quarantine measures for new arrivals, Sri Lanka is once again on the travel circuit as a ‘safe destination’ for international travelers.

Top 7 things to know if you’re travelling to Sri Lanka

1. Is Sri Lanka Safe?

Yes. Sri Lanka, like most countries, entered a ‘3rd wave’ of the pandemic back in July 2021, however thanks to quick and decisive action by the Sri Lankan government’s Covid Task Force, millions of people were vaccinated within a matter of weeks. As a result, since early September the number of detected Covid-19 cases in the community have been on a steady decline. As of 28 September, over 11 out of the country’s total population of 21 million people have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Over 54% of the total population has now been fully vaccinated, placing Sri Lanka ahead of the country average for global vaccinations. Sri Lanka hopes to have over 70% of the population fully vaccinated by year end. For a current vaccination status in Sri Lanka please click here. For live information on Covid-19 stats in Sri lanka please click here.

2. Am I allowed to travel to Sri Lanka from Europe?

Sri Lanka is not on the red list of any European country, so travel to Sri Lanka is allowed. You can refer here for more information.

3. Which carriers are operating between Europe and Sri Lanka?

Most international carriers now operate with regular flights between EU and Sri Lanka including Sri Lanka’s national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines. Visit the Sri Lankan Airlines website for more information.

4. What is the process if I want to travel to Sri Lanka?

5. What documents do I need to carry with me?

6. Who can I contact for any travel related issues?

Agency / Department Phone Email
Sri Lanka Tourism 1912 [email protected]
SL Covid Task Force 1919 [email protected]
Sri Lanka Airport +94 11 226 4444 [email protected]

7. Will I have to undergo quarantine requirements upon return back to Europe?

Most European countries now have no requirement for quarantine at government facilities or hotels but rather request a negative PCR test result completed no more than 72 hours before leaving Sri Lanka, as well as minimal home isolation time upon return, which can be shortened by a 2nd PCR test once you arrive back home. More information here.