21For21 Series of Webinars Conducted by YouLead

4th August, 2020 News and Updates

The tourism sector, one of the most labour intensive sectors, has been deeply affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with thousands of jobs at risk. There has never been a more prudent time for people attached to tourism or looking to join the industry to uplift their skill set be it skills specific to the tourism industry or general soft skills which will enhance productivity and employability post COVID-19.

To this effect, Tourism Alliance recommends the ‘21For21 Webinar Series’ conducted by YouLead which aims to equip young people in Sri Lanka with the skills required to succeed in their careers. The 21For21 Webinars will focus on 21 general soft skills such as Collaboration, Communication and Presentation, Critical thinking, Leadership and Social skills among many others that are vital for the modern day workplace across all sectors including tourism.

The webinars are 30-40 minutes in duration and will be conducted by industry experts in Sinhala and Tamil.

To register please visit https://www.youlead.lk/skills/webinars/