Grant Winner - Nefelibata Travels Pvt Ltd

About the Business

Nefelibata Travels is a dedicated tour operator that organises customized tour packages for international travellers visiting Sri Lanka. The company provides travel consultancy, and organises accommodation, transport and other tourism related components based on a client’s request. Some of the areas they specialise in include, agri-tourism, community tourism, nature and wildlife tourism, eco-tourism, hiking and trekking, culture and heritage tourism, volunteer tourism, sustainable tourism and many more. Nefelibata Travels does not promote mass tourism, but instead promotes niche tourism concepts in order to attract responsible travellers. 

In terms of sustainable initiatives, the company has introduced environment friendly guidelines to be followed by its guides, drivers, clients and other supportive service providers in the industry. They also make an effort to educate travellers about the value of Sri Lanka’s natural biodiversity and the importance of protecting it. They support communities by conducting English lessons for students living in rural areas, helping generate direct and indirect job opportunities, and promoting concepts such as volunteer tourism and pro-poor tourism to get travellers involved in assisting local families, women and children. 

Building New Tourism Experiences 

The grant will enable them to set up a bubble house camp in Dambulla, which will also provide the opportunity to promote agri-tourism, nature tourism, community tourism and a number of other sustainable tourism concepts. Nefelibata Travels had planned to launch the bubble house camping experience back in 2019, but circumstances such as the Easter Sunday attacks and the global pandemic prevented them from going ahead. As the country reopens for tourism, the team is confident that they can offer tourists a wonderful, innovative experience, with the assistance of the grant from Tourism Alliance and Good Life X. 

“The Grants for Tourism Resilience Program is an amazing program that ensures the sustainable tourism development of the country. We value and appreciate the great job done by Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance, Good Life X and the Noah Foundation. We, are confident that both international and local tourists will be excited to experience the beautiful bubble house camping experience in Dambulla. We believe that sustainable tourism concepts and sustainable tourism development will ensure the future of Sri Lankan tourism. Thank you very much again for this great program and your commitment towards sustainable tourism development.”
– Nefelibata Travels