Grant Winner - H.S.H Ayurvedic Care (Pvt) Ltd

About the Business

Located in Negombo, Sri Lanka, H.S.H Ayurvedic Care is a family-owned business offering holistic health care, by combining Ayurveda, traditional Sri Lankan medicine, nutrition, yoga and meditation. They provide a preventive, curative and promotive health care service, in addition to education and training to uplift quality of life and to create a healthy society and environment. 

Over the years, H.S.H Ayurvedic Care has had a significant social impact through initiatives such as treating chronic disease patients, training and providing jobs for Ayurveda therapists, creating jobs in the kitchen, housekeeping and gardening for women from low-income families or people with disabilities. They have also organised a number of welfare projects in the community to uplift the lives of less fortunate families, orphaned children and abandoned elders. 

Promoting Sri Lanka’s Wellness Tourism Offering 

The grant will enable them to create a 60-minute Ayurveda Tourism Promotional Video to be shared via YouTube. They expect the video to offer an educational as well as entertaining experience to potential customers, while also providing a glimpse into what they can expect when they arrive at the Ayurvedee. 

The team believes that the project will help promote Sri Lanka’s health and wellness tourism offering, create awareness and facilitate further research in the fields of Ayurveda and traditional medicine in Sri Lanka.

“Being a finalist in the Grants for Tourism Resilience Program is an incredible opportunity to make the world a healthier place. We get the opportunity to produce an Ayurveda tourism promotional movie, a long-awaited idea, which we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This shows us that our core values are understood through a committee which also believes in our creative solution to have a sustainable impact not only on our business but also on the community.”
H.S.H Ayurvedic Care