Women in Tourism Scholarship Program
FAQs for Female Applicants

1. What is the Women In Tourism Scholarship Program?

The Women In Tourism Scholarship Program is an initiative of the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance funded by USAID CATALYZE aimed at creating a more inclusive tourism industry in Sri Lanka by creating more opportunities for females.

2. Who is offering the WIT Scholarship?

The scholarship program is a joint initiative of Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance and USAID CATALYZE

3. How does it work?

20 new jobs in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry will be created especially for females, in joint collaboration with Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance and their Business Partners via the Women in Tourism Scholarship Program. Each business owner taking part in the program will pay 30% of the allocated salary of each female role up to LKR 50,000 per scholarship position, and the Tourism Alliance funded scholarship will contribute the remaining 70% for a period of 9 months.

4. In which areas will the jobs be created?

  1. Front Office
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Food & Beverage Services
  4. Kitchen Department
  5. Tour Guide
  6. Tour Manager
  7. Naturalist
  8. Horticulturist
  9. Child Care Agent
  1. Ticketing Agent
  2. Conference & Event Management
  3. Outdoor Adventure Guide
  4. Wildlife Ranger
  5. Experience Host
  6. Wellness & Ayurveda
  7. Marketing & Sales
  8. Destination Management Company career

5. In which tourism sectors will the jobs be allocated?

The Women in Tourism Scholarship Program will be open across all tourism sectors including Accommodation Providers, Travel Agents, Tour Companies, DMCs, Experience Providers, Wellness Tourism Providers etc

6. Who can apply for the jobs created through the scholarship program?

All eligible females can apply.

7. When can prospective female job-seekers start applying for the jobs created through the Women in Tourism Scholarship?

Women can start applying by 28th February 2022.

8. How can female job-seekers apply for the scholarship placements?

Female job-seekers can apply by downloading the application form, filling it out and sending it via email to welcome@srilankatourismalliance.com

9. When is the deadline for applications?

Deadline for applications is 5pm 18th March 2022.

10. How long is the scholarship for?

The Scholarship will cover an employment period of 9 months commencing 1 April 2022.

11. What happens after the scholarship period ends?

Each business owner/manager opening up each scholarship placement within their business will decide individually, if they wish to continue employing the scholarship recipients beyond the period of 9 months.

12. How does the Women in Tourism Scholarship Program benefit females?

The Women in Tourism Scholarship is a great way for women to enter this dynamic tourism sector and kick off a rewarding career in an industry that is currently experiencing good growth. These scholarship placements will offer a variety of roles and career paths for females across key areas including F&B, Housekeeping, Head Office as well as more outdoor focused non-traditional roles in tourism like Adventure Tour Guide, Naturalist and Wildlife Ranger etc. Additionally, the placements will be fully paid roles, in line with market rates and the placement will be ongoing for a period of 9 months, after which the Business owner/manager will make a decision if to continue with the role.

13. Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have questions, please contact the Tourism Alliance by emailing welcome@srilankatourismalliance.com