Advice to hoteliers during the recovery phase

by J. Natasha Gooneratne

We’ve sifted through insights, articles and industry discourse to bring you a concise list of things you can do in the coming weeks.


  • Send out information and updates to your data base with the actual situation in Sri Lanka as news reports can often be exaggerated. Feel free to use content we post on our portal, FB, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter feeds.
  • If you know groups or individuals touring Sri Lanka at present, encourage them to share their story on their personal social media feeds with the hashtags #LoveSriLanka #IsSriLankaSafe #MyStorySriLanka that we can repost.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your views and brainstorm ideas with your colleagues in the industry. It may just make the difference we’re all waiting for.


House Keeping:

  • If you’re experiencing a dramatic drop in tourist numbers opt to send your staff on paid leave until things pick up again. This is a strategy being used by a number of establishments across the island and is a smart way of lessening overall operational costs without having to let anyone go.


Proactive Security Protocols:

  • Each of your establishments would have its own set of security protocols in place and its important to ensure that you maintain those protocols and keep them up to date.
  • Train & test staff regularly: proactive staff who are well versed in security measures provide guests with an added understanding of how secure they are.
  • Making best use of your existing equipment: before investing in new security measures, make sure you’re optimizing what you have such as changing the angle of CCTVs etc.


Deals & Price Reductions

  • A trend we’re seeing more and more is price reductions. This doesn’t just encourage tourists toying with the idea of flying in, but is also a great way to to get locals in.
  • Discussions on social media show a genuine interest from Sri Lanka’s public to support the industry and travel more during the recovery phase. Advertising your deals or simply adding them on in a short whatsapp message may make the difference in revenue you’re looking for.