Sri Lanka Travel Advisory Update

Release from the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance

It is the view of the Alliance that the Travel advisories implemented after the Easter Sunday attacks were influenced largely by the lack of clear communication regarding the ground situation from Sri Lankan authorities post the attack.

Although the risk of further attacks of that nature was low, due to the limited size of the renegade group that has now been apprehended by authorities, along with the high level of support from Muslim communities in highlighting such radicalized movements, authorities were not fast enough to respond and communicate to the public and international community, given that the threat was new.

Thankfully, swift and effective action in the last few weeks has enabled a return to normalcy. And the government is speaking in one voice to the diplomatic community to revise advisories.

The Chinese advisory was the first to be revised on May 26, soon followed by Germany, Switzerland and Austria on May 27. The Indian advisory was relaxed May 29.

The Alliance expects that the French and Canadian advisories too will be revised in the coming days.

The UK advisory may take a bit longer. We are told the position is being reviewed daily, in light of the importance of the UK to Sri Lanka tourism. Key British hoteliers operating in Sri Lanka have allied with the Sri Lankan tourism sector to lobby both in the UK and Sri Lanka, together with tour operators in the UK who have been very supportive of Sri Lanka.

The Australian advisory is under regular review and we are hopeful that it too will be revised in the coming weeks.

The USA advisory is at level 3 “reconsider the need to travel”. Travel insurance is available at this level, which we hope will be revised to level 2 – “exercise increased caution”.

It’s important to note that Sri Lanka tourism saw strong growth from Australia & USA in 2018.

Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance