What is the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance?

The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance was created by a group of like-minded Sri Lankan tourism business leaders. They volunteered their time, post the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks, to focus on a common goal of communicating that Sri Lanka is open for business with timely, relevant and useful information. The Alliance’s aim is to foster one united industry voice, and advance information, education and collaboration across the entire tourism sector.

What is the Alliance’s long-term vision?

To build a resilient and strong private sector that embraces international sustainable tourism best practices, and where tourism benefits are driven to communities and people across Sri Lanka at every level.

Who are the founders?

The leadership team who founded the Alliance are:

  • Malik Fernando, Co-chair – Managing Director Resplendent Ceylon. Director Dilmah Tea
  • Shiromal Cooray Co-chair – Chairperson Jetwing Hotels
  • Abbas Esufally Treasurer – Director, Hemas Holdings
  • Dileep Mudadeniya – Head of Brand Marketing Cinnamon Hotels
  • Tim Wright – General Manager Shangri-La
  • Harith Perera – Head of travel cluster Hemas Holdings, Sri Lanka Assoc of Inbound Tour Operators
  • Amal Goonetillake – CEO, The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka
  • Henry Fitch – Managing Director Teardrop Hotels

Who can join the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance?

The Alliance welcomes individuals or organisations based in Sri Lanka or overseas including:

  • Those in the private sector who own or work for a business connected to Sri Lanka tourism. This includes both the formal and informal tourism sectors, tourism businesses ranging from start-ups right through to large operators and regional and national businesses.
  • Those in the public sector working for government, educational institutions, regional or industry associations related to Sri Lanka tourism.

What does it cost?

Membership to the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is free. The only commitment required for membership, is participation in the Alliance’s annual industry benchmark survey and ongoing monthly industry survey.

What are the benefits?

By joining the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance, members will be provided with a series of free resources and opportunities to grow their tourism business in a sustainable way. All member benefits are detailed in the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka Resilience Action Plan and on srilankatourismalliance.com.

Does the Alliance work with existing Sri Lanka Tourism Associations?

Absolutely, members of The Hotel Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) and Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO) are founding members of the Alliance and helped create the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka Resilience Action Plan. One of the key criteria for all projects in the plan is that they collaborate and not compete with existing associations or government plans. In fact, all existing members of other industry associations are welcome to join the Alliance also.

How does the Alliance work with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority?

One of the core pillars of the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka Resilience Action Plan is collaboration. The Alliance aims to support and collaborate with both these government organisations by providing content (Love Sri Lanka experiences content) and private sector insights, to assist in the development of national tourism strategies, plans and promotions.

How does So Sri Lanka and Love Sri Lanka work together?

The Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka brand works in harmony with So Sri Lanka, to showcase the countries unique visitor experiences. So Sri Lanka is a way to encompass the destination’s unique message. Love Sri Lanka is the industry’s voice and action brand.

How is the Alliance Funded?

The long-term goal of the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is to be a self-sustaining organisation. This first Resilience Action Plan will be funded via:

  • The private sector
  • International Donor Development Partners
  • Industry participation fees for Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance events
  • Potential joint government co-operative promotions and initiatives.

What is the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Love Sri Lanka Resilience Plan?

The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance’s Love Sri Lanka Resilience Action Plan is a plan to assist the industry move forward in a united, successful and sustainable way. It contains 6 key projects and 17 key actions that the Alliance will champion over the next 18 months.